Project Description

Giles Hugo

March 3 2017

I am indebted to friend, painter and mentor Terry O’Malley for the title of this exhibition — a famous graffito on a wall at Paddington Station, 1974-81, combining a line from Robert Frost and the title of an academic paper on Euripides.

It defines my photographic yearnings — from acro discoveries of jewelled insect beauty to stars beyond our solar system, and the pulsing of the Aurora Australis in the magnetosphere — and my search for an allusive, elusive ‘elsewhere’ in ‘ordinary’ things.

The selection reflects diverse strands of my artistic interests — skyscapes, careful still-life arrangements, ‘found’ objects from my rambles, insects and botanical wonders.  I have favoured strong composition and design, while exploring forms, textures and hues that hint at ‘elsewhere’.

I began shooting photos in 1968 — digital since 2005, but I still use vintage Leica,  Canon and Zenit lenses, some 50+years-old, for the‘feel’ they impart. During the whole creative process I listen to a wide range of music — an appropriate title can add that ‘elsewhere’ dimension, and/or narrative direction,  to an enigmatic abstract image.

My influences and heroes: Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, Walker Evans, Robert Mapplethorpe, Turner, Ernst Haas, Brassai, Magritte, Post Impressionism, Vienna Secession, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, European cinema, Diane Arbus, Danny Lyon, Mike McCann, Vita Palestrant, Peter Magubane, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, David Goldblatt, Ralph Ndawo and, most recently, Steampunk. — Giles Hugo

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