Project Description

Group show: Barsham, Boyer, Garton, and Knight

31st May 2019

Don’t Blink-uncomfortable things is the title of this show because Winter and Mona’s notorious arts festival is the perfect time to sit around the fire and tell dark stories. Narratives fantastical and personal, fairy tales and horror stories -all coincide in this exhibition.

Some artists know the physical, as in the very natural revulsion for things pointy and sharp and colours poisonous. Glossy surfaces and inviting traps that snap shut can be a metaphor for perilous seductions in life. Helene Boyer’s seductive glass plants are just that.

How do artists control the chaotic randomness of life? Perhaps a talisman that evokes powerful nature through its form and colour will protect against raw memories. Something to wear and caress gives comfort in a dark world. Julia Knight makes sculpture and body jewellery that has these qualities and more.

Fairy tales are not the innocuous things they seem to be. Children lost in the dark wood with only solitary animals as their companions. Strong role models for a young one. This is Grace Garton’s world.

The lovely colours and gloriously modelled oil surfaces of Elizabeth Barsham’s paintings describe a rich world that can be peeled back to reveal extinction and environmental destruction. It’s not really a pretty picture.

Please enjoy our 2019 Dark Mofo exhibition. – Betty Nolan