Project Description

Dieter Hobeck

4th October 2019

Humanity is an exhibition of vintage analogue street photographs by Hobart based artist Dieter Hobeck, Shot between the 1960s and 1990s with his Leica 5, the works show the people of inner city Sydney as they live their lives in what were occasionally turbulent times. Street demonstrations and altercations with the police are furtively documented in the streets and parks. There are also generous poses by shy people rarely asked to lend their image to an artist, builders having a break, a woman in her slippers walking a canine friend and a drowsy elderly couple napping on a bench.

The images are an aide memoire to this great city as it became increasingly cosmopolitan and Dieter, a German Australian,  elicits portraits from a breadth of Humanity. The Royal Easter Show, plane spotting at Mascot and busking at The Rocks are there as is a comatose suited drinker on Anzac Day.

These photographs are developed on film and printed in a darkroom in black and white on what we used to know as 8″ x 10s (20 x 24 cm). They can be reordered in larger sizes depending on the size or the darkroom tanks. Digital scans are also available.

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