Project Description


15th December 2019

The garden is a perpetual source of inspiration for artists.  This exhibition asked  four Tasmanian artists to make art about their particular gardens.

Marilyn Patton‘s oils show botanical  abundance, sensuously brushed in oils. Her painting of a road through a Northern forest captures the path to a great tree, the path for contemporary Nature worship.

Tim Price’s vision is more domestic and rainbow chard and broad beans grown for food are made surprisingly beautiful.  Flowers from his garden made a literate refer to Van Gogh’s irises but there is  real originality in the fascinating colour discords of  the Molesworth bouquet.  Tim Price is a wonderful colourist, using complementaries  in his exuberant painterly works.

Dean Hohn is a twitcher, or bird watcher and the bush is his garden. Fortunately for us he is also a fine photographer and the eight small works he shows are beautifully composed captures of  tiny Tasmanian birds

Helene Boyer is a Launceston glass artist who sculpturally interprets nature through her combinations of flame worked and cast glass and found objects.  Here she shows sculptural flowers inspired by the extraordinary forms of dry climate vegetation.