Project Description

City and The City

4th December 2020

Named for the book by China Mieville, The City and The City exhibition takes the idea of two cities that coexist in the same space. In this case however the two cities differ in time by sixty years and in space by half a world. Dieter Hobeck’s vintage London analogue photographs show this great metropolis in the 1960’s. Busy street markets, bowler hatted gents in the train and workers in the rag trade were captured hastily with Dieter’s Leica 5. Street photography is always edgy and sometimes dangerous and these images reveal gender and race themes that shine a light on today’s society.
Contrasted with the small scale black and white photography are Tim Price’s urban streetscapes. His relaxed semi abstract works describe the way we inhabit our city in 2020. Social distancing and outdoor gatherings are shown with wonderful non local colour influenced by the Fauves and Synthetic Cubism. The rhythms of paint show staccato pixilation from vintage video games contrasting with painterly figure distortion. Linear and decorative, the works are influenced by woven rugs as was Matisse’s work.
This exhibition is to celebrate the gradual return to life of our city after a year of lockdowns and social isolation.
The black and white image is “Cheers” by Dieter Hobeck, from London in the 1960s. The painting is Tim Price’s “Sun Night Street View”
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