A Year In Paint

6 Feb – 11 Mar, 2024

2023 was an interesting year. Half the way through the year, I moved into my new studio at the Salamanca Arts Centre. This move has had a significant effect on both how I paint and what I paint. After more than five decades of painting, it is still fascinating and exciting to see my work continue to change and evolve.

The paintings in this exhibition, all painted in 2023, are from both before and after my move to the new studio. Some are done “en plein air”, the way I’ve been working the past few years since arriving in Tasmania, but many were painted in my studio.

As wonderful as it is to work out of doors and directly from life, working in the studio has in a sense liberated me from the “tyranny” of landscape. And as is evident in this show, I have wandered a bit in my choice of subject, painting whatever I like, taking chances and happily expanding my pallet and technique.