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Dieter Hobeck is a Hobart based Tasmanian black and white photographer who eschews digital technology, instead using a traditional darkroom to develop and print his very noir photographs. He commenced street photography in London using a Leica camera and had his work published in prestigious magazine, The British Journal of Photography (among others). In Australia, Dieter trained with Sydney photographer Douglas Thompson, the Australian Centre of Photography and studied a Certificate of Photography at Tafe. His exhibitions have been at Cameron Street Gallery in Balmain, Gallery Cafe, Leichhardt, Gallery Photographica, Newtown, Point Light Gallery, Newtown and APW Gallery, New York. A member of the Hobart Photographic Society, Dieter Hobeck makes very special images that are unique because of their hands on darkroom processing. NB The digital images of these works are highly imperfect compared to the beauty of the originals.


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