Brian Viglione, Dresden Dolls, 2012


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Drummer, guitarist and singer Brian Viglione must be one of the world’s most dynamic drummers, sonically and visually, with a big kit and a lot of style, including some stand-up drumming — like Mo Tucker — and nifty guitar riffing.

20 in stock

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Working in newspapers there and in Swaziland taught him a range of photographic skills —shooting, developing and printing a photo in under 45 minutes, or less, and tackling any subject from portraits to beauty pageants, soccer, motor sport, boxing, ghetto jazz and rock musicians, and street life. Most of that was black and white work, with an occasional roll of slide film for special projects and artistic exploration. He upgraded through 35mm SLRs to Leica rangefinders and various lenses. He still enjoys using older lenses, mostly Leica and Canon, to explore subjects and qualities of light.


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