Gaia Rising by Helene Boyer


Wallpiece framed, 30.4 cm x 3o.4 cm x 9cm

Flame-worked and kiln-fired soda lime and borosilicate glass, glass paints, gold leaf, airdry clay, acrylics, cold fused.

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A frosted and gilded glass breast arises from the  forest floor where we see familiar imagery from Helene Boyer’s work, Tasmanian fungi, orchids and this time European thorny blackberries. Helene has been selected to show work (Tasmanian fungi) at the international glass exhibition Glass Lifeforms 2021 at Fuller Museum, Massachusetts USA .

Artist Statement: 

This is a poem to the elemental earth goddess, the ancestral mother, the world soul, surrounded by plant symbols of fertility like cornflowers, epimediums, horny goatweed.

Despite humankind’s impact, “underneath the wild garden waits to grow” (lyric by Dana Lyons).


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