Pretty Portentous


Materials:  Flame-worked borosilicate and soda lime glass, glass paints, clay, beach treasures, cold assembled, found glass display box     

Box Size:  15cm x 19cm




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The surface waters off the east coast of Tasmania have warmed by approximately 2°C over the past 60 years. This is two to three times the global rate. The poisonous and voracious introduced predator the North Pacific Sea Star’s breeding rate is controlled by sea temperature.  It is a very active predator amongst our coral and sponge gardens, eating almost any animal it can capture with a preference for shellfish. This diet poses a serious threat to mariculture and our wild shellfish fisheries.  My “Botanica Vulnerablis” Series of assemblages, celebrates the vigour and fecundity of the diverse and extraordinary botanical forms to be found in our marine and terrestrial environments.  I seek to remind the viewer of the importance of botanical diversity and its vulnerability to mankind-generated change to climate and habitat. I capture the botanical sculptures under glass like the scientific specimen displays of the 19th century.


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