Shane’s Grassy Oppy

Shane’s Grassy Oppy


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Oil on canvas

105cm x 122cm



Out of stock


“To cope with life I hide away and paint stuff. Some people call me a surrealist, but the big, wide world outside is totally weird, far beyond anything I could possibly imagine. In the privacy of my studio I create places where I am in charge, rearranging things to suit myself. They might not be an improvement on reality, but they’re a lot of fun.

My paintings are notorious for being idiosyncratic, disquieting and difficult to classify. They often have a strong narrative, combining horror with a dark sense of humour. Playfulness with a Gothic twist. Painted in Tasmania. Tasmanian Gothic.”

“Betty Nolan said: “The ones I have chosen are all less about your personal history and more about your sense of humour. I think they all fit together very well and have a merry tongue in cheek ghoulishness” “


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