Betty Nolan

September 29 2017

The exhibition is about thinking rather than outer space.

Earthfall is the idea that now we may have alternatives to our own planet so it’s OK to let ours fall away.

Little Blue Dot is named after Karl Sagan’s book.

Precious World is how I feel about our planet.

Un Idee is a thought.

Trappist 1 is the name of the star around which the first Goldilocks zone of 7 planets was detected.

The works are painted on black surfaces with opalescent paints, metallic mediums and inks. The shine and glimmer represents the attraction of new ideas of the cosmos for me. Application is without a brush to echo the random nature of creation. Stencils are sometimes used. Once begun the work itself suggests where the next marks will be.

The process is generally slow, meditative, occasionally frenzied, but starting with an idea and finishing somewhere adjacent.