Tony White is a watercolourist

Watercolour is the most difficult of the traditional forms of painting. A deceptively simple interaction between thick handmade rag paper and pigments, the reproduction of the observed world through this medium looks simple but is actually the reverse. The quality of watercolour paint that gives it such beauty, transparency, is the attribute that makes it demand drawing accuracy and tonal subtlety.

Tony White is a contemporary Hobart painter originally from Newcastle, New South Wales. He describes himself as a lazy watercolourist, belying the combination of superb drawing and audacious brushwork that he brings to his work. Using a process based technique, his landscapes and street scenes result from countless hours of teaching evocative marking making with fluid watercolour. His subtle and restrained palette makes his compositions elegant memories of walks along historic streets at dusk, mornings angling in Midland lakes and woods bathed in morning light.