Dreaming Woman by Julia Knight

Dreaming Woman by Julia Knight


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130cm x 51 x 51.

Hand carved Huon pine, perhaps thousands of years old.

The artist has taken this beautiful piece of rare timber around Australia, waiting for it to reach it’s final form. The base is sheet steel painted black and the sculpture slides easily onto the steel support for transport.

Out of stock

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Artist words.

“The experience of being female is  fluid,  dynamic and volatile. It changes through the stages in life as social expectations shift and our awareness of those expectations ebbs and flows. A girl is expected to develop skills and attributes that a are suitable for an adult woman in the cultural environment of their family. As a girl I dreamt of being a beautiful, successful woman with a loving spouse, a happy family and a brilliant career. As a woman I dream of having just a few minutes a day for myself.

Woman Long Time Dreaming was created from a piece of timber salvaged from the lower reaches of  the Huon River around 35 years ago. She travelled with me through several relationships, countless jobs and three states. Each time I had a personal crisis I managed to find time to devote to studying and shaping her. Her form evolved through the nature of the flaws in the timber, the turns of the grain and my mental image of how the female form could be expressed in timber without being overtly human. She is both complete and unfinished.  A perfect female should  never be  finished neither shall she.”


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