The Fisherman’s Wife by Laurie Young and Christian Arnold


30 cm x 25 x 30cm. The figures are detachable from the base for transport.

Flame worked glass (the octopus and the fishermans wife) combined with textured glass  using exquisite technique and creativity from 2 master glass artisans.


The legend of the fisherman’s wife rose from the censorship of erotic prints in Edo Japan. Artist, being artists, found a creative way around this and the fisherman’s wife being pleasured by an octopus became a common theme in Art. In this wonderful work the woman floats in ecstasy above the sea floor, her hair teased out by the sea currents. The very attractive octopus and the woman are flameworked by Christian Arnold while the richly coloured cast ocean floor is in cast glass by Laurie Young. Truly a masterpiece of collaboration in the most difficult of artistic mediums.


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