Transfiguration B

Transfiguration B


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Acrylic/coloured pencil/oil on marine ply

1 in stock



Keith Lane is a Tasmanian artist (originally a Londoner) interested in the human form as decorated vessel, in the way of ceramics. He points out that like an urn or vase, we often decorate ourselves with significant images that have cultural and personal meaning. This can be through clothing or tattoos that use archetypal animals, plants and colours. The augmentation and obscuring of the skin in this way interferes with perceived identities particularly of race ie the woman’s zip on garment that confers Chinese good fortune through its pattern of cranes. Cultural appropriation is commented on but also the willingness of different cultures to use archetypal parallels ie Red Dragon. These works are strikingly beautiful as pattern caresses the shiny rendered surfaces of fragile human vessels. The materials of coloured pencils used with acrylics or oils creates a sophisticated sculptural illusion on a two dimensional surface.


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