10 June 2022

Blush is Nolan Gallery’s Dark Mofo exhibition for 2022. The artists taking part were asked to interpret the concept Blush, a rather loaded word. From the colour pink to sexual pleasure, political comment to Romance, the responses have produced a show that is a window into the minds of Tasmanian artists. Titles of the work are a hint to the content. Mills and Boon (Leonard Benson), Secrets (June Hope), Ball Tampering (D Moopoo), For External Use Only ( M S Design) and so on. There is even landscape with Kunanyi Blush (Betty Nolan), Storyteller (Elizabeth Barsham) and Autumnal Blush (Erin Amor). Bec Watson comments on political influence in Rougeaid while John Ingleton mines the Roman past to shine a light on today in Sweet Dreams.

See if our exhibition makes you Blush.