Hand printed woodblock, relief and nature print with archival ink collage
on Velata Avorio paper.
Print size – 32.5 x21.5cm Price – $295 ($245 u/f)50cm x 24.5cm (print itself)


In this work the artist has used colours and elements from nature together with an iconic symbol of our modern connected world to depict the connectedness of all the elements that make up the closed environment that we call earth.
A carved woodblock provides a unifying tri-colour base for printing with bird feathers and leaves within the top “elements” and these are “connected” with a print from a small circuit board. An archival ink image of fungi is collaged onto the bottom “connected” section to close the circle of life.
Woodblock: because trees connect the air above with the land below
Feathers: because birds populate the air and are also a vector for pollination for many trees
Leaves: because they inhale carbon and exhale oxygen
Fungi: because they break down organic matter to feed the plants and planet’s growth.
Circuit board: because this is the ubiquitous item that enables our modern connected world


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