Halcyon Days – Amor

Halcyon Days – Amor


oil on panel, 113 x 37.5 cm, framed in black


‘What do you do when the circus leaves town?’


My answer is this: enjoy it while you can.

This painting is an honest reaction to, and interpretation of the singular, and beautifully complex environment that is Tasmania.  I could list the reasons that set it apart from the rest of Australia and indeed further abroad, but if you’re here, you already know how precious it is.  Dark MOFO merely highlighted what was already special about Tasmania in June – the long dark of its winters, persistent fog and subzero frosts, more frequent auroras, and snow-capped peaks that tell the story of continental drift from millions of years ago.

So enjoy the respite of a non-MOFO winter; more people come every year, and while this is everything we need for a sustainable economy in Tasmania, we should enjoy the quite streets and national parks during this intermission, and evoke the Tasmania of 20 years ago.  But mostly, enjoy the cold of a proper Tasmanian winter while it lasts, because global temperatures are now expected to increase 2.5°C above pre-industrial levels, meaning Tassie’s cold winters will undoubtedly become a thing of the past.  We are living through the climatic halcyon days of planet Earth, so cherish them –  as well as the momentary lack of people while it lasts.




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