Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


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This painting was the last of the series and a vainglorious attempt to unify a composition with two circles at either ends of the canvas. Inevitably turning into a human face this type of work was done by Miro and done very well. Not so easy for me and I thought I was succeeding until I walked back into the studio to see how it was drying and the painting looked back and said, “hello, it it me you’re looking for.” The work was a finalist in the Womens Art Prize in 2019 and toured Tasmania to speak to  other people.
Oil and mixed media on canvas, 180cm x 90cm, framed in black.

1 in stock


This exhibition has its title because leaving the artistic world of observed reality is always an adventure, rather like trapeze work without a net. Process based, the coloured marks demand a counterweight, what Hans Hoffman called the “push and pull “of abstract painting.

This is my fourth abstract show and to get me started I appropriated some works by Tintoretto, my favourite Mannerist painter from Venice, whose busy, top heavy works give the impression that the artist is in a hurry. Which is the case here as well.

Through this process I was able to develop and refine some personal imagery that I have used before; the path, the cloud, the drape and the book. These are often used with great marks that are the sweep of the arm, a free movement developed by many years of life drawing.

Each work is highly coloured as I am interested in not only the effects of chroma but the history of colour. The many layers in the paintings take advantage of transparent colour used against opacity and use wonderful obscure hues such as geranium.

The final painting in the series, “Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For”, is a remembering of Miro’s work from the Miro Museum in Barcelona, using techniques inspired by Max Ernst.



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