Princess Zelda’s Temple of Time – Stewart

Princess Zelda’s Temple of Time – Stewart


2023, 60x50cm, acrylic and mixed media on cradled wood panel.


Princess Zelda’s Temple of Time

This painting emerged from a complete ‘paint-over’ (one of many in my studio). In the original painting, the colours were all too intense and the overall effect gaudy. Instead of taking a measured approach to fixing the problem (which I usually… ok, sometimes, do), I took the painting equivalent of a sledgehammer to the piece and sloshed black all paint over it! As I moved the paint around with a wallpaper scraper and wiped off some of the black, a gothic castle appeared. Hmm, interesting, I thought and let it sit, glowering at me for a while. Not long afterwards, I came across a research article about how interactive online games can promote and reward curiosity in gamers…and there was Princess Zelda’s Temple of Time! As a non-gamer, my own curiosity has now been piqued by the online adventures on offer … who’d have thunk it?


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