SS NUBEENA Beaching at Pipeclay Lagoon

SS NUBEENA Beaching at Pipeclay Lagoon


153-x-153cm oil on canvas


A Tasmanian Wreck – steamer ‘Nubeena’ beached

Mercury 10/10/1910

The steamer Nubeena, 138 tons, J. Franklin master, ran ashore at Pipeclay Lagoon, Frederick Henry Bay, between 10 and 11 o’clock on Friday night. She was bound from Tasman Peninsula to Hobart with passengers and cattle, having left Koonya at 6 o’clock on Friday night. In order to avoid a heavy beam sea the vessel stood for Sandford. The night was very dark, and it appears that the mate, who was at the wheel, mistook the course, and the vessel ran up on the beach.

There were between 20 and 30 passengers on board. The stewardess was the only woman aboard. The vessel lost her propeller, so no effort could be made to refloat her. The passengers wore put safely ashore in boats, and the cattle, of which there were about 10, were also landed. The steamer Breone was despatched to the scene of the accident at 2.10 on Saturday morning to bring the passengers to Hobart, but most of them walked to Bellerive, a distance of eight miles, and caught a steamer to the city. There was no casualty of any kind.

The Nubeena is high and dry, and her hold is full of water. It is not known whether this is the result of a leak or of waves washing over the vessel. The steamer is valued at £5000, and is not insured. Experts have been sent down to see it there is any prospect of refloating the vessel.


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