June 11, 2021

Art Nu is our Annual Dark Mofo exhibition and follows our practice of exploring artistic concepts that keep us warm (one way or another) at the cold time of the year. This year we use the tradition of the nude in art as our inspiration. The nude is often a misused genre, still redolent of painted girlie pictures for the upper class. This exhibition ignores this tradition and hands the depiction of the naked body back to the women and the very nice men. Works featured include the exquisitely sensitive Warm Haze by Deloraine artist, Keith Lane, the weird and wonderful Ladies Tarn by Elizabeth Barsham (Tasmanian Gothic) and some ladies in the pink by international illustrator Alyssa Bermudez. There is sculpture by glassmakers Helene Boyer, Christian Arnold and Laurie Young, a bronze ceramic torso by Betty Nolan and Scott Trousselot’s assemblage of works on loan from the Vatican. Directly referring to the work of Durer as well as the last 12 months in politics, John Ingleton introduces race to the mix while Colin Schildhauer and Ms Barsham skirt the edge of Surrealism. This is an eclectic collection for interesting times.