Made On Bruny – Sarah L Stewart

10th May 2024

Sarah L Stewart is a Tasmanian abstract painter who takes her inspiration from the landscape. In her paintings we see the colours and curves of the shore, the uprights of oyster farming and the geometries of yachts. As in an indigenous painting we share the path walked through these elements in a trodden map that speaks of the experience of inhabiting a place. Complex distressed surfaces are counterbalanced by drawn, scraffitoed lines and all parts of the works are in transition, refusing to stay still and behave but nonetheless achieving an elegant balance.

However there is much more to these Bruny works than formal values as the artist gives insight into how she feels. Hugs and Kisses 1 and 2, Moondancing, Sail Away and Greener Pastures express a Romantic soul on a physical and emotional journey. The finished works invite the viewer to join the adventure, take a stroll and dance in the moonlight.

Made on Bruny is a beautifully resolved suite of paintings from an artist who is just getting started on her creative journey.