Erin Amor is a Tasmanian painter concerned with the impact human beings have on the Tasmanian landscape.

Amor is a painter of the environment, particularly the distance between what was and what is now. Dealing with the concept of the Anthropocene she measures Earth time from the very first denizens of the primordial seas to today’s Tasmanian wildfires effecting once pristine rain forest.

Her technique is chosen to mimic the natural currents of ocean and air. With applications of liquefied oil paint that blends, runs and follows gravity, there is a serendipity to marks made with pigment and solvent. Into this surface are added the first terrestrial creatures and bushfire charcoal from lost forest in a beautiful destructive dance like the flames of a fire.

Like so many artists today Amor is informed by the urgency of the warming world, often using rondos (round paintings) to draw attention to the interconnection of all things on our planet.